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Save Time and Money with
Video Conferencing

Make decisions quicker, launch products faster and meet with people around the world with NIUís newly upgraded video conferencing equipment.  Used effectively, video conferencing changes the way you do business. Itís more convenient for your employees, and it saves you time and resources Ė both globally and financially Ė while still providing a personal touch.

Take advantage of NIUís four northern Illinois videoconferencing sites:

Just as in person, videoconferencing infuses emotion and nonverbal communication into your meeting. You gain the meaning behind peopleís words by viewing body language, including gestures and facial expressions. As an added bonus, youíll increase productivity and efficiency while participating in a spontaneous discussion that doesnít require a lot of travel.

Each IP videoconferencing room is fitted with the following:

  • Four 53-inch flat-panel high-definition screens
  • Digital video cameras with 360į views
  • Ceiling-mounted microphones that filter out background noise
  • Speakers that project crisp digital sound
  • Reliable Internet connections between sites
  • Computer software programs that can be used with the system (MS Office, Adobe Reader, etc.)
  • Seating for at least 24 participants
  • Proprietary Polycom hardware and software


HD Video Conferencing has many uses:

  • Depositions
  • Interviews
  • Staff meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Guest speakers


Discover the benefits of HD videoconferencing for yourself. Call (866) 753-0010 and see how easy it is to use our world-class videoconferencing rooms today!